We Vibe

We Vibe presents a series of revolutionary vibrators that are designed for solo pleasure and couples play. The soft silicone material of each vibrator is specially moulded to perfectly fit the contours of the vagina and stimulate maximum pleasure. The various different settings and special apps that We Vibe products provide allow users to choose the level of stimulation and transform a boring sexual encounter into something that is truly mind blowing. Users can select their favourite playlists from the We Vibe app so that they can return to their favourite lovemaking experiences time and time again. Not only are We Vibe products ideal for modern women, male partners can also enjoy the vibrations and they will become even more excited when We Vibe is used. These products come in a range of colours as well as a discrete storage case that will go unnoticed. Because we know you will never want to be separated from We Vibe and will want to take it with you wherever you go.

We Vibe 4 Plus - met app

we vibe 4 plus met telefoon

We Vibe 4 Plus has developed its own app. Of course, this model cannot fall behind other luxury electronic gadgets. We Vibe 4 Plus is the latest version of the hugely popular vibrator for both partners.

We Vibe Touch

The We Vibe Touch is beautifully shaped and silky. Powerful vibrations take you to new heights, as only We Vibe users know how to reach. We Vibe Touch is the ultimate clitoral vibrator.