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De We Vibe 2 is al even in de omloop, maar zal zeker voor mensen die nieuw zijn met de We Vibe voor menig WOWWWW doen zorgen.

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we vibe 2 featuresOrder the We Vibe 2 Right Now at a Discount

Although We Vibe 2 was released a while ago, it still brings many couples to unparalleled heights. The vibrations are no less real for it. And because this massager has been available for a long time, you can get it at a great discount of just €49.95 delivered to your door.

We Vibe 2 Vs. a penis ring

We Vibe 2 is worn during sex. Previously, couples who wanted to enjoy extra stimulation often used penis rings. With the release of We Vibe We there is now a better alternative. Where a penis ring is the penis, We Vibe 2 is inserted into the female. The stimulator is shaped so that it can be placed with one hand in the vagina, against or near the G-spot. The other side rests on or near the clitoris. This unique positioning on two places at the same time optimally means that women will be ultimately stimulated. But that’s not all…

We Vibe 2 for his pleasure

It is clear that We Vibe 2 is the perfect addition for women. But men also get a lot of benefit from it. First, of course, because the woman enjoys the experience more, which often is better for the man. But the interior also vibrates during sex against the penis.

Splash proof We Vibe 2

We Vibe 2 is designed to be waterproof. The whole device is provided on the outside of silicone. However, there is one small opening, which goes into the charger. This naturally closes when the charger is out. The result is that there is no water splash. It also means that We Vibe 2 should not be used the shower. Using this vibrator for couples is fine; there can be other fluids than water coming through the opening of the charger, causing the electronics is broken. Want a fully waterproof variant, which can also be used in the bath? Order a We Vibe 4 or 3. Both are equally equipped with a deluxe remote control for even more fun.

9 vibration modes

We Vibe 2 features 9 vibration modes from soft to loud and pulsating to constructive. There is even a cha-cha mode, which gives two strong vibrations, alternating 3 lighter. The wave is very popular with many women.

Up to two hours of please from one hour of charging

This beautiful toy is equipped with a removable battery. Charging just goes through the outlet. After a single charge you can enjoy We Vibe 2 for up to 2 hours. Other key specifications:

  • 9 vibration modes
  • splash proof
  • whisper quiet
  • body friendly
  • rechargeable
  • 2 motors: 1 at the g-spot, 1 to the clitoris

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