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The We Vibe 4 Plus has been reviewed as the best We Vibe yet. Key improvements: control via app, even when you're on the other side of the world.

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We Vibe 4 faces competition from an unexpected area: from the We Vibe itself. The latest variant, We Vibe 4 Plus, is fighting back with an enhanced version. We Vibe 4 Plus has developed its own app. Of course, this model cannot fall behind other luxury electronic gadgets. We Vibe 4 Plus is the latest version of the hugely popular vibrator for both partners.


We Vibe 4 Plus – What is improved?

Like its predecessors, We Vibe 4 plus is made from soft body safe silicone. It feels warmer and softer than plastic. It is completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath. The fit of the We Vibe 4 has been slightly modified, the internal part – the G-spot stimulator – now follows the shape of the vagina much more closely. The internal vibrations feel better. The improved fit makes your vibrator stay in place even during your most ardent lovemaking, so you have your hands free for your partner or for operating the remote control. You can choose from three beautiful colours:


We Connect app – The biggest improvement

We Vibe 4 plus allows you to control your vibrator in addition to the standard remote control by means of the special We Connect App. It is free to download from the App store or Google Play. The great advantage of We Connect App is that you have the ability to create your own playlists.

What can the We Vibe 4 Plus app do?

The app transforms your phone into a remote control for your favourite sex toy. Through the app you operate your We-Vibe, or your girlfriend. It does not matter whether you are one metre or 10,000 miles away. As long as you both have an Internet connection, you can control We Vibe 4 Plus from anywhere in the world.


You’re in control

With this beautiful app you have full control. For the first time in history you can set both engines devices. More vibrations on the G-spot? Piece of cake. Or would you like to further stimulate clitoris? It’s all possible from your Smartphone or your partner.

But that’s not all. You get 5 bonus modes or one very special mode: your own heartbeat. The more you get excited, the more intense the vibrations. So you can reach even better heights.

we vibe 4 plus standen

iphone-app-control-screen-800Operation of We Vibe 4 Plus

The operation is extremely simple. With sliders on your touch screen, you control the intensity. What to change the type of vibration? Simply tap on the image of your choice.

You own the We Vibe 4 Plus playlist

With We Vibe 4 Plus you can make your own playlist. You can choose how long you want the kind of vibration ‘Play’. Ready? Save your homemade vibration and play it whenever you want. Give your playlists an appropriate name – his as ‘Morning Delight’ if you want to enjoy a wonderful morning of lovemaking but your partner has an important appointment. Choose ‘Night of Passion’ for exhilarating long-lasting love on the weekend when you have time for each other and you can fully surrender to eroticism and pleasure.

We Book of Pleasure

The We Connect App comes with the We Book of Pleasure. Get inspired by the ideas and suggestions and discover new enjoyment with your We-Vibe. Explore your sensuality alone or with a partner with the endless possibilities of We-Vibe.

How to Use We Vibe 4

Always use a water-based lubricant on the G-spot stimulator to facilitate insertion. Insert the inner portion gently into your vagina and allow the external portion to rest gently on your clitoris or near your clitoris, according to your preference. Both ends vibrate independently to each other, so your G-spot and clitoris are stimulated. Due to the special shape, penetration from a man is also possible. The vibrations will also increase his enjoyment. Because We Vibe is completely waterproof, it is easy to clean with soap and water.

Who is We Vibe intended for?

We Vibe is ideal for anyone who wants to explore their sensuality. For couples who have not been together long together and are still in their sexual discovery phase, the We Vibe is a wonderful addition to their vigorous sex life. If you have been with your partner a long time and your sex life has become boring, We Vibe is perfect to awaken the erotic feelings again. Are you single? We Vibe 4 is not only the perfect couple vibrator but also an exciting solo toy. Although there is no man in your life, you can still enjoy sexual pleasure.

Charging We Vibe 4 Plus

We Vibe 4 plus is recharged through a USB cable. In just six hours it is fully charged and ready for three hours of fun. The included travel case is also the charging station. The box is very discreet, no one will know that you’ve got a vibrator on your nightstand. And should your suitcase open at customs your face will not turn red.

we vibe 4 plus inhoud verpakking

No buzz during lovemaking

Although other sex toys can be quite noisy, We Vibe 4 Plus is actually very quiet. So you can enjoy the gentle whisper of your partner. You would rather hear how sexy you are than the hum of your vibrator.

You Own the Vibe 4 Plus Playlist

With We Vibe 4 Plus you can make your own playlist. You can choose how long you want the kind of vibration ‘Play’. Ready? Save your homemade vibration and play it whenever you want.

We Vibe 4 Plus App Download

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Download the We Vibe Connect app now:

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